Application Process

I submitted my resume through TechnologySmart’s website. What are the next steps and how should I follow up?

After submitting your resume through our website, our team of recruiters will review your qualifications and experience to see if there is a match with a current opening. If a good match is found, a recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a personal one-on-one interview to learn more about you. In some cases a recruiter may reach out to a candidate that stands out from the crowd, even though a matching position may not be available at the time. Because TechnologySmart receives new positions from our clients every day, we want to make sure we have the information we need to quickly accelerate your application to your client when the right fit comes along.

Please be patient through the process and remember to utilize several resources as you conduct your job search. And of course, feel free to email or call your recruiter if you haven’t heard from us in a while.

Do you have any openings?

Yes, we are always actively working on permanent placement, temporary assignments and temp-to-perm positions, but if you have not received a call from your recruiter, it is most likely because we currently do not have a position that matches your previous work experience. Be sure to watch our website and follow us on LinkedIn as we post openings to these locations regularly. If a position comes up that interests you, let us know!

What do I need to bring to my TechnologySmart interview?

We value your time and as such want to maximize your first visit as much as possible. Along with the first face-to-face interview with us, we will want you to fill out all the necessary paperwork required to be assigned to a placement. This way when we find that ideal job for you, you are ready to start working with little to no headache.

Please bring a copy of your resume. If you cannot bring a hard copy of your resume, please inform your recruiter before the interview so we can print one for you.

What should I wear to my TechnologySmart interview?

As with any interview situation, how you present yourself speaks volumes about you. Dress professionally and let your qualifications and experience showcase the rest.

On Assignment

How much do assignments pay?

We typically place candidates on assignments that pay anywhere from $12 to $30 an hour, but TechnologySmart also works on higher paying assignments. Most job descriptions posted on our website will give you a wage expectation for the position. If you have any questions you can always ask your recruiter for more details.

What time will you call me for last minute assignments?

Last minute assignments typically come in between 7:00 am – 8:00 am. We will call candidates that opt to be on the Daily Call List as soon as we learn of the assignment needs and will expect them to be at the assignment within the hour.

Can I get a raise?

If the position responsibilities have increased during the course of a long-term assignment, you can always reach out to your recruiter about the possibility of a raise. Our recruiters will then contact the client to discuss the possibility of a wage adjustment to meet the new expectations of the role.

What should I do if I’m sick, need a day off, or have to leave early from an assignment?

If you are sick, need a day off or are planning to leave early from an assignment you MUST reach out to your recruiter as early as possible so they can appropriately communicate with the client and have a replacement temp go in. It is absolutely critical that you maintain as much communication with both TechnologySmart and your assignment when unexpected and sometimes expected time off requests come up.

When will my temp-to-perm assignment go perm?

The conversion from temporary to permanent depends on the client’s requirements, but we typically see temp-to-perm positions transition after 90 days. Quite often these plans and expectations are set out before a position is even filled, so be sure to ask your recruiter for more details on the timing so you can prepare accordingly.

What are the lunch break and overtime policies?

All placements are entitled to a 1 hour lunch break during a standard 8 hour work day. The ability to get overtime depends on the client’s needs and should always be approved before overtime work is performed. Before your assignment starts your recruiter will inform you of all necessary client details for the specific placement.

When do hours need to be submitted each week?

To ensure timely receipt of your paycheck it is recommended that you submit your hours every week by 9:00 pm Friday. Payroll is sometimes pulled over the weekend depending on work schedules, so make sure your time is complete and turned in to avoid delays in receiving your check.

Do I get paid for holidays / days off?

Temporary assignments rarely provide for holiday time or paid time off and TechnologySmart is no different. Be sure to plan accordingly for holidays and personal time off.